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Business Overview

The Business Industry is a rapidly growing field and the need for qualified and highly-educated professionals has never been greater. Today, advancing your education to ensure your spot in this rewarding and challenging field has never been easier. Universities and Colleges throughout the United States have crafted specialized Business degree programs for undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral candidates. In fact, many degrees can be completed online while you continue working. They offer extraordinary flexibility in scheduling and majors with a variety of concentrations available to ensure your passions, education and career goals come together in harmony. All degree programs require commitment of time, dedication and financial resources. Because of this, it is vital that when choosing the College or University that you fully vet their accreditation credentials, their history, and their reputation. Job growth potential until 2020 is considered moderate; however advanced degree programs dramatically raise the odds of landing your dream Business career.

What is Business?
Business is an ever-changing field that requires individuals that are skilled in organizational leadership, management, organizational development, communications, human resources, finance, marketing, accounting, project management, and more. Recently new to the scene is the need for professionals that have an educational background and practical knowledge in sustainability. Positions within the business world are as varied as individuals themselves and industry specializations such as Healthcare, Technology, Nonprofits, and others all need experienced and well educated business-minded professionals.

Advancing your Business Education
In toady’s competitive job market, and the ever increasing demand for highly qualified business professionals, an advanced degree is suggested. These help provide job security, career advancement and allow for greater wage, salaries and bonuses. At many levels of organizations, professionals with a background in business are highly sought after when they have a Master of Science in Business. There are many specializations and concentrations including the MBA. However, the MBA is not the right choice for everyone. Every individual has unique passions and natural abilities and when they combine to lead them into the business world, some are lead into specialties of focus or industry. For example, someone that focuses their career aspirations on leading organizations may find that a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is the perfect fit. If someone loves to manage details, logistics and people, a Master of Science in Project Management may be the perfect fit.

Business Degrees
For whatever skills, talents and career goals are, there is an advanced degree program available. Many accredited and well-respected Colleges & Universities have developed specialized online degree programs. Many of these programs can be completed in as little as 18-24 months. Bachelor of Science in Business, Master of Science in Business, and Doctor of Business Administration degree programs are available to students of all ages and backgrounds. Many programs have been developed for busy working professionals that allow them to attend classes online. In general, business degrees focus on best and proven business practices, theories, communication skills, negotiation, leadership, accounting and finance. This diverse and interdisciplinary approach to education helps foster critical thinking, problem solving, and creation and innovation.

  • Management Degree: A Master of Science in Management degree helps foster critical thinking and market relevant skills. These include management and leadership techniques, problem solving, oral and written communications and general management practices.
  • Organizational Leadership Degree: A Bachelor Degree in Organizational Leadership helps launch students into the exciting business world providing them with the knowledge, skills and theories to succeed. Curriculum in this program focus on management functions, organizational design, workplace psychology, leadership communication, policy development, project management, and organizational behavior. Ethics, motivation, innovation, negotiation, and other communication skills are nurtured in students.
  • Project Management Degree: A Master of Science In Project Management prepares students for the national certification exam from the highly regarded Project Management Institute. This in-demand field requires excellence in managing details of projects including time, quality, human resources, risk, procurement, cost, and more.
  • Organizational Development & HR Degree: Human Resources are an integral part of every organization and a Master of Science in Human Resources allows students to learn the necessary skills and theories for recruitment, hiring, termination, employment law, compensation and benefits and management.
  • Business Continuity Degree: A degree in Business Continuity prepares students and gives them the tools and concepts to plan, prevent and respond during business interruptions. Curriculum often includes security, risk management, crisis communication, and disaster recovery.
  • Accounting Degree: It is said that some people are numbers people, and some just aren’t. A Master of Science in Accounting is a degree program for those number loving people. Students learn the skills, laws, and regulations necessary for auditing, tax preparation, annual report preparation, and investor reports.
  • Finance Degree: A degree in Finance is for people who love numbers like the Accounting degree, however also enjoy analysis, economics, planning and forecasting. A Bachelor of Science in Finance can set graduates off into the exciting world of international finance, small business finance, or corporate finance.
  • Sustainability Degree: For individuals with a passion for business and an eye on our global environment, a degree in Sustainability provides outstanding skills, techniques, and perspective. Students learn the latest trends, the cutting edge technology and how to make sustainable, sensible and environmentally friendly business decisions. Both undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available in this rapidly growing field.

Business Schools & Colleges
Some people that a degree is a degree and the educational institution that granted it means nothing. This is simply not true; as important, or in some cases, more important that the degree is the reputation, accreditation, faculty and history of the College or University. As the demand for higher education as increased, so has the number of schools and colleges that are not accredited by any legitimate agency, or that have poor reputation. Getting a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degree take dedication, financial resources, and precious time; you cannot afford to risk all of this on a school with a less than extraordinary reputation and accreditation credentials.

  • Marylhurst University: Marylhurst University is a private institution with a faculty of highly regarded practicing professionals. They offer many Business degree programs including a Blended MBA that allows students to learn best business theories and practices with specialized concentrations in Finance, Organizational Behavior, and more.
  • Norwich University: Since 1819 Norwich University has provided students with global experiential learning. The College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and students have the ability to choose from seven concentrations.
  • New England College: New England College is a fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and has an excellent history and reputation for their commitment to student excellence through integrated learning techniques. They offer a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing, and a Master of Science in Management that can successfully be completed in 12-24 months.
  • Brandeis University: Since 1948 Brandeis University has been a leading private research University focused on interdisciplinary teaching. Just 10 miles from the heart of downtown Boston, the Brandeis University International Business School gives students the opportunity to learn about the global economy. Both undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available.
  • Boston University: Boston University has been a leading educational institution since 1839. Today, the Business College graduates some of the brightest minds that are ready, willing and able to jump into the global economy in the business arena. Business degree programs include an Accelerated Degree Completion Program that can be completed in just two years. Two specialized degree tracks are available; Computer Science and Management Studies.
  • Abilene Christian University: For over 100 years, Abilene Christian University has focused their efforts on providing the finest education that encourages graduates into service and leadership. The Abilene Christian University College of Business Administration provides personalized care for students while learning about leadership, motivation, ethics, management skills, business practices, project management and more.

Business Careers & Salary
Today more than ever before individuals with degrees in Business are highly sought after for challenging and competitive positions within the business world. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for a Human Resources professional is $58,890. Management and Analysts enjoy a median wage of $87,980; while Project Managers with a Master of Project Management degree have a median wage of $111,824 according to the Project Management Institute.

Business Resources
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