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Best Marketing MBA Programs & Schools

The master’s degree in business administration MBA is a valuable degree for students who want to pursue high-level business careers. Some schools offer an MBA in marketing for students who want to learn about brand management, product development, advertising, promotions, and other marketing concepts. These programs prepare students for business careers in a variety of industries and locations. Each program consists of core courses in business, marketing, and finance. Then students take electives related to their chosen concentration.

Top Marketing MBA Schools/Programs

Several reputable institutions offer online MBA marketing programs. The University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School has an MBA program with a marketing concentration that teaches students about three key areas of marketing: marketing analysis, marketing strategy, and marketing application. Students must also complete six concentration courses that cover brand management, sales management, marketing analysis and decision making, product development, and other marketing topics. This school also gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge by completing internships or competing in the Student Teams Achieving Results program.

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business offers an online MBA marketing program that introduces students to core business concepts before exposing them to high-level marketing material. The MBA marketing online program teaches students to understand customers, deliver value to customers, and manage customer relationships. Students focusing on the marketing concentration can further specialize by choosing to concentrate on product management or market analysis and strategy.

The marketing MBA program at the University of Florida is one of the best marketing MBA programs in the country. Students enrolled in this program complete coursework in consumer behavior, marketing trends, and marketing management. The core courses in this MBA marketing curriculum focus on international marketing, customer analysis, managing brand equity, product development, online marketing, and customer relationship management.

Pennsylvania State University also offers one of the best marketing MBA programs in the U.S. Students have the opportunity to participate in virtual team projects and attend networking events to improve their career prospects. The courses in this program are taught by expert faculty members who have extensive experience in the field. This online MBA marketing program also has a residency requirement, so students get to interact with faculty members and each other before the program ends.

 Why Should You Get a Marketing MBA?

Completing an MBA in marketing has several benefits. Since every company needs marketing professionals to find new customers and make more sales, online marketing MBA graduates are not limited to working in one particular industry. This affords them a great deal of flexibility when searching for employment. Online marketing MBA graduates interested in self-employment will also benefit from completing this type of program. MBA marketing programs teach students to analyze marketing trends, build relationships with customers, identify members of a target market, and develop marketing campaigns tailored to specific demographics. All of these skills give a self-employed person an advantage in a competitive market.

General Marketing MBA Courses

While the required courses for an online marketing MBA vary from one school to the next, the core information is the same. Students enrolled in the best marketing MBA programs complete core courses in customer relationship management, international marketing, brand management, market research, product management, product development, market intelligence, consumer behavior, and pricing strategy. Most marketing MBA programs also include electives in healthcare marketing, decision models, corporate finance, leadership, accounting, and operations strategy. The core courses and electives prepare students for the challenges they will face once they complete these marketing MBA programs.

Marketing MBA Career Opportunities

Completing an MBA in marketing opens the door to several career opportunities for graduates. Since the best MBA marketing programs include a variety of coursework, graduates can choose to work in the fields of advertising, promotions, branding, and public relations. Some of the most popular positions include advertising executive, marketing manager, branding specialist, marketing analyst, and public relations specialist. Once a student with an MBA in marketing has significant work experience, consulting opportunities also become available.

General Marketing MBA Admissions and Educational Requirements

The requirements for enrolling in MBA marketing programs differ based on the school and the type of program available. Some schools offer several different programs that have different enrollment requirements. One of the most basic requirements for admission to a marketing MBA online program is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Some schools also require prospective students to have at least one year of work experience before entering a marketing MBA online program. When students have at least one year of business experience, they are better able to understand how classroom information relates to real-world business challenges. Students applying to MBA marketing online programs may have to submit several letters of reference, attend on-campus interview sessions, or complete other requirements before acceptance to an MBA program.

Accredited Online Marketing MBA Schools

Before enrolling in a MBA marketing online program, it is a good idea to see if that program is accredited. Accreditation is a process that involves a comprehensive review of an institution’s programs to make sure that they are high in quality. Accreditation is also important for marketing MBA online students who want to apply for federal financial aid. Federal aid is not available for attending non-accredited institutions. If a student plans to transfer while pursuing a marketing MBA online, accreditation also improves the chances of transferring completed credits to another college or university.

Professional Organizations for Marketing MBA Graduates

Marketing MBA graduates have a number of professional organizations available to help them make new contacts and learn more about marketing. The American Marketing Association is dedicated to helping members share knowledge about the marketing field. This organization also provides professional development opportunities for its members. Graduates interested in specific areas of marketing should consider joining one of the specialty organizations available. These organizations include the Direct Marketing Association, American Advertising Federation, Sales and Marketing Executives International, Marketing Research Association, and Society for Marketing Professional Services.