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Best Finance MBA Programs & Schools

Financial and accounting managers oversee and maintain a company’s history and financial strategy. Accounting managers put more focus on the financial reporting aspects whereas financial managers are more focused on money management and strategy. Finance is a popular concentration for MBA students and this degree offers many possibilities as well as being a tool that has proven to be very effective in helping people attain promotions within their organization. Most graduates with this degree work in corporations, securities firms, and investment banks although others choose to follow careers within consulting. Regardless of the area an MBA student plans on working in, the top online MBA finance schools will provide students with the education and knowledge needed to be successful in their career.

What are the Top Finance MBA Schools/Programs?

Those who already have experience in the business industry and those who are looking to move into a finance career will be the people who will benefit from this degree the most. The courses included in the top finance MBA schools will provide students with the education and skills needed to advance to mid or top-level positions as management within an organization. This degree is specialized in finance but it is also versatile enough and will help students obtain employment in areas such as operations and marketing management. What are the top finance MBA schools and programs? According to the U.S. News and World Report 2012 rankings for the best MBA in finance schools the University of Pennsylvania is placed first. The University of Chicago, New York University, Columbia University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are among the five top MBA in finance programs.

Why Should You Get an MBA Finance Degree?

An MBA Finance degree will open many doors. This degree helps those already holding careers in the financial sector of their corporation move up to higher levels within the business. Typically this includes management positions and even higher. This type of degree will also prepare students to manage their own businesses. The best MBA finance jobs also bring a higher salary. Depending on the area the MBA student currently works in, their MBA degree could bring them an increase in pay bringing their salary in the range of $140,000 plus, annually.

General Finance MBA Courses

The best MBA finance schools offer core courses which include classes on how to create and sustain customer markets, financial reporting, decision-making at the management level, how to manage information resources, how to manage a global enterprise, analyzing information, and how to make decisions in a changing environment. Other courses might include how to create value when making financial decisions, market dominance, global competition, and ethics within the marketplace. There will also be elective courses in which students can choose the courses of interest to them and their goals. These courses might include any advanced financial topics, investment and real estate, financial strategy, international finance management, and managing financial risk among others. The exact courses the best finance MBA schools will offer will depend on the school itself so be sure to research to make sure the school chosen is the one that will best meet personal needs to help you reach your career goals.

What are Some MBA Finance Jobs?

There are many top MBA finance jobs that provide career opportunities for graduates. Some graduates become financial analysts or managers. With this job, historical data is used in the decision-making process. Accounting managers deal with tax reporting and may have titles as corporate treasurer or controller, and chief financial officer. Other MBA finance jobs include management consultants, cash managers, investment bankers, investment banking associates, traders and associates of investment sales, and credit managers.

General MBA Finance Admissions & Educational Requirements

Anyone considering enrolling into an MBA in Finance program must have attended an accredited college or university and obtained a bachelor’s degree. The earned degree does not necessarily need to be a business degree but having taken finance and law courses will likely increase the chance of a student being accepted in business school. Most business school will also require that students have previously maintained at least a 2.0 GPA and some schools will have higher requirements for admission. Future students will need to have proof of their GMAT scores, their college transcripts, a letter of intent, a resume which details work experience, and possible entrance essays. These requirements may not be the standard for all business schools as each school is different but this is a basic list of what you can expect.

Accredited Online MBA Finance Schools

One key factor in obtaining a quality education is to attend an accredited school. Any student should reconsider their school choice should the institution not have one. There are accredited top online MBA finance schools that will not only provide students with the education and skill needed, but they will also prove to be flexible enough for the student to attend school while still being able to work or care for family. When choosing an online MBA finance school, students should look for one or even both the (ACBSP) Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or the (AACSB) Associate of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs accreditation. If either of these are listed as an accreditation then you can feel safe in knowing you will be attending one of the best online MBA finance schools.

Professional Organizations for MBA in Finance Graduates

Joining organizations related to your career is always beneficial. It allows you to network and can even help you find that perfect job. The links below provide information to professional organizations for those with an MBA in finance as well as more general information.