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Art & Music Overview

Music and the Arts are a fundamental component of the human experience, our culture, and behavior. At its core, music is a language, regardless of whether it is through instruments or vocals. We are hard-wired for creative pursuits, and art programs help stimulate the cognitive abilities of students of all ages. Music and Art therapy programs are becoming more and more popular to help a variety of conditions and disorders including Autism, Dementia & Alzheimer’s and even cancer treatments. Art Education gives students an outlet for their creative voice through visual arts of drawing, painting, sculpture and pottery. The first recorded art school was established in Greece in 400 BC. Since then, there have been many upgrades to technology and best teaching practices. Today, accredited Colleges and Universities have developed undergraduate and graduate degree programs that focus on Music and Art Education. Many of these programs have been specially designed for currently employed teachers who seek to increase their knowledge and their career earning power through a Master’s degree program.

What is Art & Music Industry – Over the past decade the Art & Music industries have experienced resurgence in popularity. This is in part due to the fact that educational systems around the country are putting a higher focus on creative pursuits for elementary, middle school and high school students. Teaching is a pursuit that couples a passion for giving and educating and when it is partnered with a creative subject like art of music, magic happens. Music and art are terrific ways to engage the minds of over-stimulated school kids. Creative arts lead to better cognitive skills and communication skills. Individuals with a passion for music or the arts are needed in the education field to nurture young minds.

Advancing your Art and Music Education – To teach in schools, educators must acquire at least a Bachelor’s degree and pass teaching certificate exams. Master’s programs and Doctoral programs allow for career advancement and job security. Teachers with Master’s degrees earn more than their counterparts without a graduate degree. There are a variety of Master’s and Doctoral programs to fit every teacher’s niche and passion. A Master’s degree in Music Education for example can lead educators to the exciting world of teaching in Colleges, while a Doctoral program further increases educators’ ability to develop curriculum and teach post-graduate courses.

Art & Music Degrees – Bachelor degrees as stated above are the minimum requirement to teach the First through Twelfth grades in both private and public schools. Many accredited Colleges and Universities offer online Music and Art Education programs to fit the needs of busy professionals who seek to add to their skills and their resume. Often times, a Master of Music Education or a Master of Art Education can be completed in two years, through an online distance learning program.

  • Music Education Degree – This degree’s curriculum focuses on teaching educators the best practices for advanced teaching of music. Curricula offerings include conducting, music history, orchestra, marching band, vocal, instrumental and specialized courses in the art of teaching music to a variety of ages.
  • Art Education Degree – A Master of Art Education degree blends art history with philosophy and best practices and techniques. Concentrations are available that include art therapy, drawing, multimedia, ceramics, fabric art, sculpture, painting, and more.

Art and Music Schools & Colleges – Today, there are more and more Colleges and Universities offering Music and Art programs for educators. It is important when selecting the right college to review accreditations, and consider class schedules, degrees offered, and the faculty. When committing to a degree program, it is important to select carefully at the beginning to ensure the right fit for your desires. Online Master of Music and Art Education Degrees have been specially designed for busy educators currently employed looking to advance their degrees. They offer convenience and allow you to increase your educational background without having to give up your job, or take valuable time away from your friends and family.

  • University of Florida: The University of Florida has over 150 years of experience educating students to become experts in their field. It is a world renowned public research University focused on excellence in teaching, technology and research. The College of Fine Arts offers a Master of Arts in Art Education degree online. Curriculum focuses on the history of teaching art, methods of research in art education and art history. Additionally, the University of Florida offers a Master of Music in Music Education for students to develop practical skills and learn proven music theories woven together to better be able to teach a wide variety of students.
  • Boston University: The College of Fine Arts at Boston University is a close-knit family of professional artists and musicians. The School of Music has been training students since 1872 in the fine art of composing, teaching, and performance. Additionally, Boston University has a School of Theatre and a School of Visual Arts. The School of Music offers a Master of Music in Music Education through a distance education program provided through state-of-the-art online technologies. This program provides students the opportunity to enhance their teaching careers through this challenging and innovating curriculum. Additionally, they offer a Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education degree, also conducted online. This program expands theories and practice in music education.
  • Kent State University: For over 100 years, Kent State University has focused on creating the finest educational programs for their diverse student base. Undergraduate degree programs are available in Fine Art, Art History, and more. Graduate programs inline a Master of Fine Arts, in residency, and an Online Master of Music Education degree. Kent State blends core educational techniques and practices with music and art theory. Students who desire to merge their passion for fine arts, with their passion for teaching find the programs at Kent State University to be the perfect offering.

Music and Art Education Careers & Salary – Recent graduates from Master of Music Education or Master of Art Education programs have a wide variety of careers available to them. In general, Art Teachers in public middle and high schools aver $49,330 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Postsecondary Art, Drama and Music teachers have a median wage of $72,660. Currently, there is great demand for Music and Art educators in Colleges, Universities, Professional schools as well as high school, middle school, and elementary school programs. This highest saturation of jobs for this sector are in California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New York.

Music and Art Education Resources – Individuals considering widening their career opportunities and salary potential through continuing education and degree programs must stay informed with the latest industry news. This website has many articles and resources to help you choose the right degree program and best College or University for your long term goals.