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Investing the time and financial resources required to further your educational goals takes commitment and assurance that the University or College you have chosen is the right fit for you. In today’s competitive business world, Graduate degrees help foster job security, promote career advancement, and can add tens of thousands of dollars

IT Project Manager

Career Overview IT project management is in demand, fueled by organizations struggling to keep their technology infrastructures current in order to compete in an expanding global marketplace. Generally IT project managers are responsible for managing large projects involving things such as software development, network issues, product and/or software installations, and Internet/web development and interface. The […]

Information Security Manager

Career Overview The growing field of technology has created an increasing need for both the most productive computer systems, and trained professionals to service and protect the information stored on office computer terminals. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the IT field, along with continuing education and training are required to work within this field, […]

Database Administrator (DBA)

Career Overview A database administrator is responsible for the functionality, security and overall performance of a database. The database administrator makes sure that data included is presented in a usable and manageable form that users can readily access without violating the integrity of the data. Other aspects of database administration include but are not limited […]

Information Technology Careers

Information technology is a vital part of modern society. No longer confined to engineering professionals or computer design and programming, it is estimated that there will be nearly three hundred thousand new information technology jobs open by the year 2018. The increasing growth of mobile technology and the use of cell phones, iPods, and other […]

How to Choose a Career in Computer Science

How to Choose a Career in Computer Science One of the most important decisions you have to make will be choosing the right career. Once you have decided to study computer science, there are still more options to explore. What was it that attracted you to a career in Computer Science? As you begin to […]

Computer Science Careers

Those considering computer science careers will discover the field is vast, and there are many branches. Prospects for future growth are promising, and as computers remain in demand, so does the need for professionals. The computer science field offers room for continual growth for those who are entering the field or looking for careers with […]

Computer Science Salaries

Computer science careers require a professional who can think in both concrete and abstract terms. It is a discipline spanning between practice and theory. Almost everyone uses a computer and many of those people are programmers. The ability to get a computer to do what is expected requires hands-on training but it’s also a science. […]

Computer Science Jobs

The computer science industry is one of vast growth, a lucrative salary, and a rewarding professional experience. For those interested in computer science jobs there are many branches available to choose. Computer science encompasses subjects such as IT management, providing systems for business networks, developing software and computer programming. As jobs in computer science are […]

Computer Programming Career Opportunities

The term computer programming is often interchangeable with software programmer, engineer, or developer. A computer programmer is someone who designs computer or software programs. This may be defined as establishing a series of instructions or commands that a computer program follows. There are many computer programming jobs available for those who excel at math and […]