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Marketing, Communications, & PR Overview

The fields of Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations is constantly transforming as we change the way we communicate and acquire information. Colleges and universities are responding to this transformation by offering highly specialized degrees for professionals entering or currently in the industry.

Four Skills You Should Have Before Graduating

If you’re in schools for an online master’s degree, chances are you’ve already mastered skills that your undergraduate self wouldn’t have even dreamed of, like balancing a checkbook and filling out your own taxes.

How to Succeed with a Communications Degree

You can pursue a number of different careers with a communications degree, whether you want to become a broadcast journalist, travel photographer or specialist in other related fields like public relations and media marketing.

Why Attending an Online School Might be Right for You

Attending school over the internet isn’t for everyone, and if you’re considering going to college for a master’s degree online, you should be self-motivated and ready to devote much of your free time to your schoolwork.

Journalism in the Digital Age: Grad Schools Adapting to New Media

Journalism isn’t what it used to be. Within the last decade or so, the internet has created a hailstorm among printed publications, forcing news aggregates to rethink their methods of delivering current and breaking stories. Grad schools know this is happening, and rather than telling students they have to figure things out on their own, […]

What Can You Do with a Communications Degree?

The field of career opportunities is wide open for an individual who has earned a communications degree. The ability to communicate in an understandable and persuasive way is a useful skill for those searching for jobs with a communications degree. Furthermore, communication isn’t limited to a person’s speaking skills. Writing is also an important form […]

An Overview of the Communications Industry

After receiving a masters in communication, it’s time to find a job. Finding good communications jobs starts with identifying the places where you might enjoy working. Jobs for communication majors include working as a public relations manager, advertising director, marketing manager, or media specialist for any number of private, public, or nonprofit organizations. A communication […]