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Healthcare Overview

Healthcare is a challenging and rewarding industry that has exciting career positions available for people with backgrounds in business, accounting, management, communications, and technology. This specialized industry needs professionals with specialized knowledge and skill to keep pace with the demand.

What You Can Do with a Master’s in Public Health

If you’re thinking about going back to college for a master’s in public health, you may be entering a fast-growing field, particularly because major advances are expected to come from a broad development of population-based prevention programs.

Masters Degree in Public Health

A career in public health may prove to be very exciting. Major advances are expected to come from a broad development of prevention programs which are population-based. The delivery systems of health services are changing rapidly. Emphasis is placed on disease prevention and health promotions as a way to help reduce health care costs by […]

Jobs in Public Health

As you began your investigation into the possibility of a public health career, you soon discovered the many disciplines that are represented within a wide variety of public health jobs. You were drawn to a particular discipline and most likely will seek jobs in public health based on your particular field of interest. If you […]

Health Informatics Professional

Career Overview As a heath informatics professional, you will need to treat technology as a tool that helps people – both patients and medical personnel, and to realize that it is a means to an end, not an end unto itself. In this realm, technology is an enabler to the ultimate goal of health care: […]

Laboratory Technician

Career Overview Laboratory technicians work in research facilities, hospitals, crime laboratories, and in private labs to analyze material samples and record data. Laboratory technicians typically work alongside scientists and laboratory technologists to set up and experiments, as well as interpret the results. Those who work in clinical laboratories collect and study blood and tissue samples […]

What Does A Health Administrator Do?

Within the medical field, there are literally hundreds of different positions available for people interested in helping the sick and those who are in need of medical care. From clinic assistants to nurses or full-fledged physicians, the job opportunities are endless. Perhaps one of the most important positions within this field is that of the […]

Masters in Health Administration Salary

Individuals who earn a master’s in health administration can work in a variety of different industries within the healthcare field. Graduates of MHA programs can work for hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and research and development laboratories. The amount of money an individual with a master’s in health administration can earn each year depends on where […]

Careers in Health Administration

A health administrator is a person who manages the business end of a medical facility or department. The health administrator is often in charge of hiring, purchasing, and managing the budget, and may also supervise the clerical processing of patients. Health administrators help provide the business infrastructure for healthcare facilities and keep the day-to-day functions […]

Tuition Assistance for Health Administration Masters

When you enter graduate school to earn a master’s in health administration, or MHA degree, you may be overwhelmed by the cost of tuition. Fortunately, there are plenty of healthcare administration degree programs available to help MHA students achieve their goals. Students in MHA programs can obtain financial aid through scholarships, grants, and loans. They […]