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Counseling & Human Services Resources

Counseling & Human Services Overview

Counseling and Human Services is a field that continues to grow and develop. Colleges and universities have responded to the need for highly developed professionals to work in the various positions and organizations that employ counseling and human services professionals.

How Has Social Work Changed in the Past 10 Years?

As you begin to explore the options in social work careers, you should be aware that social work is an ever-changing field and in the past ten years, there have been major changes made in the areas of geriatric, mental health, and substance abuse social work. These social work careers have a high demand for […]

What Can I Do with a Major in Social Work?

With a social work major, you have a wide variety of social career opportunities from which to choose. Since Social work is people working with people through all lifestyles and situations, social work jobs are found wherever people are found in groups, communities, or individual circumstances where they need assistance in coping with unpredictable circumstances. […]

What is Social Work?

What is Social Work? Social work involves helping people find resources they need to overcome obstacles or difficult life situations. Social work is people helping people to organize or obtain access to programs or services that can make lives easier. Social work sometimes involves counseling to assist individuals in understanding efficient ways to cope with […]