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Applications for Masters in Education Programs

In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that educational services accounted for about 13.5 million jobs, making it the second largest industry in the United States. The outlook for employment growth in the educational industry is positive because there will always be a demand for teachers and other workers in educational services. All teachers in public schools up to the secondary level are required to have a bachelor’s degree, preferably related to the subjects that they are teaching. For career advancement and diversification into other educational opportunities, many educators pursue various masters in education programs. Let’s take a look at the various applications of a masters in education, and what it can do to further one’s career.

If you look at the list of masters in education schools, you will find that there are different types of programs. Before you enroll in a particular program, it’s essential to know your purpose of pursuing a masters in education. To accommodate the needs of working teachers, most of the masters in education schools offer online masters in education programs, as well as off campus degree programs.

Many teachers continue to teach after completing their online masters in education program, and they will earn higher wages as a result of their higher qualifications. It’s also easier for them to apply for teaching positions in other schools because they are better qualified than teachers with just a bachelor’s degree. Other than teaching, the masters in education programs open a whole new spectrum of opportunities for people who want to explore other occupations within the educational sector or beyond.

With a masters in education, you can work for nonprofit organizations that deal with adult education, and you can also teach in children’s camps or teacher training facilities. If you wish to divert into social work, you may do so with a relevant online masters in education program and you may also work for certain institutions and organizations as an educational outreach specialist. In masters in education programs, students are required to develop or enhance vital skills such as management, research, reporting, writing, and more. Some of these skills are applicable in other career fields so people with a masters in education can also venture into business, research, publishing, and so on. In some cases, a special online masters in education program will arm you with the necessary qualifications to work as a school psychologist or counselor or even an educational consultant.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 47 percent of the total workforce in educational services is made up of teachers. This means that there are lots of other jobs in the educational sector, and people with a degree from masters in education schools have the opportunity to tap into these other areas. Have you ever wanted to get a job as an administrator in your school? With the right online masters in education program, you can apply for an administration position like assistant principal, principal, director of financial aid or academic dean.

An online masters in education program is a powerful tool because you can use it to get a job with the state or federal education department, and work on educational policies. Teachers with a masters in education will receive special consideration, because they understand more the needs of the schools and students on a deeper level, and they are qualified to address the problems at a higher level. The education sector offers big opportunities for many private companies. Some of these companies may be looking for text book writers or educational researchers and the minimum requirement is usually a masters in education. There are countless opportunities for people with a masters in education. Here are some resources on masters in education programs and more.