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Accredited MBA Schools

The growth of the Internet and the proliferation of digital technologies have clearly benefitted people everywhere. It is now easier than ever, for example, to conduct research, deal with banking and accounting, and much more. A ton of information is quite literally at your fingertips today, making it simpler to do the most complex of tasks.

One group that has undoubtedly benefitted from the Internet and the information revolution is that group that includes those who are interested in higher education. In the past, it was almost impossible to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree if a college or university was not located close enough to your home or if you were unable to move to a city or town where a school was located. Distance education did exist, but it took a long time to complete, and it was difficult to maintain contact with professors and fellow students. This was true no matter what subject you wanted to study, including business and accounting.

Today, students who do not live in a town with a good business school or university business department are far better off because they can pursue an advanced degree through one of the many accredited MBA schools that have online programs. Given the ease of access that the Internet provides, however, it is important to make sure that the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in which you are interested has actually been accredited. There are, after all, many companies that have taken advantage of the Internet to offer MBA degrees that may not live up to the quality standards that accreditation demonstrates. MBA school accreditation helps you avoid this problem.

Benefits of Accredited MBA Schools

There are many reasons why you should only consider enrolling in one of the many MBA accredited schools. First and foremost, these schools have demonstrated to an independent body that the education they offer is sound and adequately prepares graduates for fulfilling careers in the business world. Anyone can set up shop and claim to offer an excellent business education. But it is far more difficult to prove that the education that is offered meets minimum standards. Through MBA school accreditation, an institution that wants to offer an MBA proves that it has the library facilities, faculty, and requirements necessary to provide an adequate graduate education.

A second benefit of pursuing an accredited online MBA over one that has not been accredited is that a properly accredited degree will help you go much further in your career. Executives at the top for-profit and non-profit corporations are all familiar with MBA accredited schools and prefer to hire candidates who have earned their degree from an accredited institution. Promotions are also more likely for those who have received their degree from one of the many accredited MBA schools that educate students today. Furthermore, if your employer offers tuition assistance for employees who want to finish their graduate education, it will almost certainly require that you take an accredited degree in order to qualify for corporate help.

MBA Accredited Schools: How They Are Evaluated

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is the major international accrediting body for business and accounting programs. AACSB is the highest form of accreditation that a business school, department, or program can earn, and its accreditation is recognized by institutions and companies all over the world.

MBA online accredited schools that are certified through the AACSB offer several benefits to the institution or department that requests it. Through a process of self-evaluation, peer review, committee review, and the creation of detailed strategic plans, business schools and departments that purse accreditation learn their strengths and weaknesses, put policies in place to handle current and future students, gain access to departmental and scholarship funding, and much more. By acting on the recommendations of the AACSB, these schools and departments can improve their course offerings, polices, and much more.

AACSB accreditation is a form of specialty accreditation that specifically certifies the business program, department, or college. Typically, this accreditation is pursued after the entire institution has been granted institutional accreditation by a major regional accrediting body. This institutional accreditation confirms that the MBA online accredited schools offer a quality education across the board, and it may be sufficient for most students. AACSB accreditation is an extra step for those who are most concerned with the quality of the specific business program, department, or college.

There is no shortage of MBA online accredited schools that have been certified by the AACSB and/or a regional general education accrediting body. Students should therefore find it quite easy to find a program that will suit all of their accredited educational needs. Thus, you should always choose a school that has completed the MBA school accreditation process.