Get A Real Degree

About Us

A real degree is the result of a real education

Get a Real Degree is a website dedicated to helping potential students find an online degree from a real school, a traditional non-profit college or university that can help them develop the practical knowledge, critical thinking skills and advanced abilities they’ll need to reach their personal and professional goals.

This is a website for real students who understand that a diploma is the physical representation of their hard work and a dedication to learning, not simply a product they’re buying or a line on a resume. For these students higher education represents the pursuit of knowledge, and when combined with experience, it’s this knowledge that opens the door to career advancement and opportunity.

A real degree originates from a regionally accredited, non-profit college or university. These are established and highly respected institutions of higher education built on tradition and history. They have developed their curriculum to address the changing needs of the same industries their graduates and faculty have helped build. These schools are held to the highest educational standards, have brick and mortar campuses, build strong bonds with their communities and actively perform the research that makes our world a better place. Their faculty and facilitators are experienced educators sharing real-world experience and connecting with students.

More than just a diploma, a real degree is something your current or future employer will recognize as an indication of authentic achievement; it is a testament to your attention to quality, value and reputation. Above all, it is a degree that you as a graduate can be proud of, without hesitancy or compromise. Your degree will tell your family and employer that you have participated in an educational experience from one the nations best schools. A real degree says you’ve worked hard to earn it and you’re ready to use the knowledge you’ve gained to excel in your career and in your life.