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AACSB Accredited Marketing MBA

Finding an accredited marketing MBA program that suits your needs best can be a difficult task. When you go back to school you are investing your money and time so it is important to find a program that is high in quality and offers great value. An AACSB accredited marketing MBA school offers both value and a high-quality education. Schools with an AACSB accreditation are considered to be the best schools around the globe because they have passed the agencies standard for quality. These schools have faculty and programs which have proven to be better than those of business schools without the AACSB accreditation and the students typically have higher GPA’s overall. Students graduating from accredited marketing MBA programs are more likely to be recruited by employers and receive better salaries as well.

Why Attend an Accredited Marketing MBA Program?

Prospective employers will know you have attended a valid school when they see the AACSB accreditation on your resume. A degree from an accredited MBA marketing school says so much more though. The accreditation lets people know that you received a quality education from a school that takes pride in providing their students with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in today’s business world. If the school you attend is not accredited, your degree is basically obsolete. Any marketing MBA colleges without an AACSB accreditation are likely considered to be diploma mills meaning the degree you earned was simply a waste of money and time. This is one of the main reasons the marketing MBA school should be accredited. There are plenty of universities and colleges that are AACSB accredited and these are the ones that should be sought out by those considering a higher education.

General Course Work in a Marketing MBA Program

Although each school that offers an MBA in marketing program will differ, there are certain courses you can expect to take. These classes revolve around the core foundation needed in every business. General course work includes finance, interpersonal skills, risk, CSR, ethics, organizational theory, legal environment of the business, economics of business, information technology, practices and processes of management, and of course, marketing. If a student attends school on a full-time basis it will take about one year to complete the MBA in marketing program. If attending part-time, students can expect to graduate in two years. For those who are working full-time, have families or other responsibilities, it can seem as though there isn’t enough time to go back to school. This is where you may want to consider and an online AACSB accredited MBA marketing school. Online schools will offer more flexibility to allow you to continue working, spend time with your family, and still do well in college.

Benefits of an MBA Marketing Program

There are a number of benefits that come with an MBA marketing program. Students will be provided with an education in product and brand management, selling strategies, promotion management, and consumer behavior. They will also learn about human resources, finance, and corporate management. With an MBA in marketing degree, graduates will be given opportunities for advancement within their organization. This degree also means a higher salary and an increase in career opportunities in various fields. People with an MBA in marketing degree are often promoted to high positions in their company including marketing manager or marketing vice president. With this promotion, the salary will likely be about $10,000 higher depending on certain criteria such as experience and geographical location. Because an MBA degree covers such a broad area, graduates will have a lot of opportunities for employment. As more and more businesses open, the need for qualified marketing managers, sales managers, and other marketing personnel will also increase.

Career Options for Marketing MBA Graduates

Students of a marketing MBA program will develop leadership, finance, and management skills which are aspects in every business. This means that those holding an MBA degree are considered to be a high-valued employee. MBA graduates may choose careers in accounting, business management, finance, information technology, and in any sub-field of marketing. Some graduates may even become entrepreneurs and open their own business. This degree opens doors to a wide variety of careers within the business industry. Which path you choose will be determined by how much work experience you have, the school in which you attended, your skills, and the chosen specialization.