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AACSB Accredited Executive MBA

Executive MBA programs are designed for people who already have work experience in the business field. These executive MBA programs give students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in fields such as human resources management, finance, marketing, business management, and healthcare administration. Many schools now offer online executive MBA programs so that busy students can advance their educations without giving up their jobs. It is important to enroll in an accredited executive MBA program to ensure that employers will look favorably on a completed MBA degree.

College Accreditation

Anyone interested in an accredited executive MBA should ensure that each school considered offers an accredited executive MBA program. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) grants accreditation to programs that meet specific requirements. Accreditation is a sign of a quality executive MBA program that offers standardized courses and information. Students who plan to transfer to other executive MBA programs should also be concerned about enrolling in accredited programs. Most schools only accept credits from accredited institutions, so enrolling in a non-accredited program may make it difficult, if not impossible, to transfer to a different school.

Executive MBA Coursework

Most executive MBA programs consist of one year of core requirements followed by a second year of electives in a chosen concentration. The core coursework for an accredited executive MBA program usually consists of classes in marketing, business management, economics, business statistics, finance, and human resources management. Once students have a solid foundation in these basic principles, they choose specific areas of concentration for their upper-level coursework. Many schools offer accredited executive MBA concentrations in finance, marketing, healthcare administration, and management. Some schools also require MBA students to complete comprehensive examinations or final projects to demonstrate their knowledge of the topics that were covered during the program.

  • Accredited Accounting MBA Option
  • Accredited Marketing MBA Option

Benefits of an Executive MBA Degree

There are many benefits to earning this type of degree, especially for students who enroll in the top executive MBA programs in the US. MBA graduates typically earn higher salaries than people who only have associate’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees. Earning an executive MBA also makes it more likely that an employee will advance into management or be awarded supervisory responsibilities. When a student graduates from one of the top executive MBA programs in the US, prospective employers may look favorably upon this achievement. Completing this type of degree is also very personally rewarding, as the top executive MBA programs are very rigorous and challenging.

Career Options for Executive MBA Graduates

Since executive MBA programs teach students basic business principles before they move on to specialized coursework, graduates have a variety of career options. After completing an executive MBA online, a graduate may choose to work in areas such as: human resources, finance, and marketing. Online executive MBA programs help students learn management skills, so it is possible for graduates to obtain management positions within a department or company. Students who specialize in healthcare administration may qualify for a number of positions in the healthcare field. Students who excel in their online executive MBA programs may also decide to start their own consulting firms or work for large companies on a contract basis. The variety of opportunities available makes it easy for executive MBA online graduates to build rewarding careers.

Executive MBA Salaries

U.S. News & World Report indicates that executive MBA salaries have risen substantially. A 2010 survey conducted by the Executive M.B.A. Council revealed that salaries rose from $127,955 per year to $142,534 per year once students graduated from their executive MBA programs. This reflects an increase of 11.4 percent. Some companies will even provide full or partial MBA funding for promising employees who want to earn an executive MBA online. This makes it possible to earn an executive MBA without having to take out student loans or work extra hours.

Online vs. Traditional Programs

Enrolling in an online executive MBA program makes sense for a lot of students. Since executive MBA online programs are made for people with experience in the business field, many students work full-time and do not have the time needed to commute to class and spend several hours in a classroom. Online programs eliminate the need for students to attend classes in person. Most schools offer asynchronous programs, making it possible for students to access their course materials at any time. Students who work during the day can complete assignments, quizzes, and tests at night and on weekends. Students who work second or third shift can complete class projects during the day. Online course technology makes it possible for students to submit assignments and complete assessments without having to visit the campus or interact with students in person.